Okta Pricing: The Complete Guide [2022]

Okta Pricing: The Complete Guide [2022]

by Supertokens Team

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·Nov 16, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • What is Okta?
  • Okta Pricing
  • Okta Alternative: SuperTokens
  • SuperTokens Pricing
  • Should you use SuperTokens?

What is Okta?

With an emphasis on workforce identity solutions, Okta is a leader in the enterprise authentication space, offering identity products to secure employees and business resources within an organization.

To bolster its position as a market leader in the Authentication space, Okta has acquired a number of authentication solutions including Auth0 in 2021.

Okta’s portfolio of products now includes all customer identity needs, external authentication with Auth0, and internal authentication with Okta’s core product. They are the most significant player in the authentication space.

Okta Pricing

Okta’s products fall into two categories:

  • Workforce Identity Cloud Products
  • Customer Identity Cloud Products

Workforce Identity Products

Workforce Identity products are aimed at securing employee access within an organization and ensuring business resources are protected.

As previously mentioned, Okta is a leader in this space and offers 9 products to manage users in your organization.

Here are some of the main products they offer:

Single Sign-on: SSO is an authentication tool that enables users to securely access multiple applications with the same set of credentials. This feature is priced at (billed monthly):

  • Regular SSO: $2 per user
  • Adaptive SSO(context-based SSO): $5 per user


Multi-factor Authentication: Multi-factor authentication requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to access their account.

This feature is priced at(Monthly pricing):

  • MFA: $3 per user
  • Adaptive MFA: $6 per user


Advanced Server Access: Advanced Sever Access allows organizations to manage employee access to windows and Linux servers. This feature is priced at (billed monthly):

  • $15 per user


API Access Management: API Access Management is Okta’s implementation of the OAuth 2.0 standard, allowing organizations to secure their APIs. This feature is priced at (billed monthly):

  • $2 per user


You can find the full listing of Okta’s product pricing here

Customer Identity Products

Customer Identity products are aimed at organizations that want to manage and protect external identities like customers and partners.

Okta deprecated its own line of customer identity products and now serves Auth0’s products as its default customer identity solution.

You can find a complete guide to Auth0’s pricing here.

Okta Alternative: SuperTokens

What is SuperTokens?

SuperTokens is an open-source authentication solution that provides a managed service for hassle-free auth and an on-prem solution so developers can manage their data.

SuperTokens Pricing

At the time of writing this article, the SuperTokens feature set is completely free. If you decide to use the self-hosted version you can download the core and set up authentication for free for an unlimited number of users.


  • Self-Hosted:

    • Free forever for unlimited users.
  • Managed Service:

    • Free for the first 5000 MAUs.

    • 2 cents / MAU post the first 5000 MAUs.

Should you use SuperTokens?

SuperToken’s feature set and pricing make it an excellent choice when compared to Okta’s Customer Identity solution but it does not have the feature set to compare with Okta’s Workforce Identity products.

Written by the Folks at SuperTokens— hope you enjoyed! We are always available on our Discordserver. Join us if you have any questions or need any help.

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